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“An app called Hustle used by the Bernie Sanders campaign loads a text that can be sent individually to many people…far more effective than blasting out spam.”  Read more.

new york times

“Latino Victory Project is using a text platform called Hustle, which enables one-on-one conversations between local organizing staff or volunteers and potential voters.”  Read more


[Bernie] Sanders’ organizational success — fueled by free or low-cost, off-the-shelf apps like Hustle…is the lesser-known counterpart to his campaign’s prowess in raking in campaign cash from hordes of shallow-pocketed donors online.”  Read more


“While Hustle’s texting network especially helped the campaign reach young people, it was successful across the board…the high response from all age groups showed that, in 2016, texting may be the ideal way to reach everyone—not just millennials.

Hustle, Fang said, “is like my favorite thing in the world now.”  Read more


“An app called Hustle helped the campaign connect with these young supporters, and recruit volunteers, using text messages. Texting proved to be more effective at reaching supporters and prospective volunteers than, say, emails or phone calls. And it works well with everyone — not just millennials.”  Read more

“By ensuring that each message was manually sent, Hustle satisfied legal requirements while nonetheless permitting text-message tactics at scale. Once a voter responded to a message, the organizer could begin a personal exchange, which would be logged so that others on the campaign could pick it up later on. Sanders staff in Iowa found it much easier to recruit supporters to attend the party’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner by writing them over Hustle than it was to call them with an invitation. Voters who might be wary of a phone call from an unrecognizable number, it appeared, readily opened a text message from one.”  Read more

“People hate phone calls and ignore emails, so how do you get them to protest, organize, fundraise and fight for the causes they believe in? By talking to them like humans, one-on-one. This is the way Hustle motivates people to participate at scale, and how its messages reached 3.95 million voters on election day.”  Read more

[I]nnovative approaches to apps and mobile technology are solving some problems and campaign challenges that were, not coincidentally, introduced through our growing reliance on apps and mobile technology.”  Read more


““Hustle represents the future of grassroots mobilization, reaching our supporters where they are to turn out and train the next generation of Planned Parenthood’s volunteer advocates,” said Courtney Normand, Washington Public Affairs Manager at Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii. Adding, “Full integration with NGP VAN and an easy-to-use interface make Hustle an effortlessly convenient tool for our organizers to build their volunteer bases and bring more people than ever into our movement.”  Read more


“The Hustle cell phone application enables high-speed engagement with voters…It’s part of a nationwide campaign so far targeting 2.4 million voters, but which could ultimately revolutionize the ground wars…to get the maximum number of voters to the polls.”  Read more

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